Legal services

юридические услуги по защите брендов, доменов и товарных знаковTo protect your rights and interests on the Internet, we provide the most current and priority services:

► Legal advice.

We advise on issues related to the use of trademarks, domain names, software, applications, photos, copyrights, payment systems, user accounts on social networks, services and the activities of hosting providers and domain registrars on the Internet.
Professional legal advice received in time will help protect your rights and interests on the Internet.

► Analysis of the symbolic designation of a domain name.

Legal and technical analysis of the domain name for confusion and similarity with registered and protected trademarks. Our domain name analysis can identify real or possible opponents of the domain name owner, and also check the legal validity of their possible claims.

► Registration of rights to applications.

Registration of rights to software and applications, registration of copyrights to content and sites, databases. The services include registration of agreements on the transfer of intellectual property rights in Rospatent.
For you — everything is simple:

  • You provide data, and we prepare the necessary documents.
  • You sign the prepared documents, and we transfer them to the state registration.
  • After registration, you will receive a certificate of registration.

► Notarized copy of the site.

To record evidence of violations of trademark rights or copyrights on the Internet, in domain names, in the content of sites, notarization of information is required. With the help of the notarial protocol of the inspection of the site or page on the Internet, it is possible to provide qualitative evidence of violations.

► Escort of transactions with transfer of administration rights by domain names.

Transactions to transfer rights to administer domain names, sell and purchase websites are associated with numerous risks for the seller and the buyer. In order not to lose money and rights to web resources, we will prepare the necessary documents for you and control the fulfillment by the parties of obligations on transactions related to domains and sites.

► Pre-trial settlement of disputes.

Conflict resolution without court involvement is possible for domain disputes, disputes over infringement of intellectual property rights, trademarks, brands and content. The Russian judicial system is slow and not always effective for the parties to the conflict.
The Internet requires prompt resolution of conflicts between rights holders and site owners. Technology, knowledge and experience of can help the parties to the dispute reach an agreement without resorting to court.

► Representation in court.

Representation of interests in court on domain disputes and protection of trademarks, protection of the brand, corporate name, copyright and related rights.
Some disputes can not be resolved in a pre-trial order for various reasons. To protect interests in court on domain disputes and the protection of trademarks, it is necessary to properly prepare and provide a technical and legal position several steps forward. Representatives of have a successful experience of representing interests in the Intellectual Property Court.

► Protection of the brand on the Internet in Russia. Protection of the trademark in social networks.

Social networks have become the largest sites for pirates and the illegal use of trademarks and content. The owner’s uncontrolled traffic creates threats for brand positioning, illegal importation of goods, sale of replicas of goods and counterfeit, and the development of own trading platforms by social networks only increases threats to the legal business of rightholders.