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ProtectionDMCA2DMCA in russia — Solutions for Brand Protection in Russia

My name is Grigory Belotserkovets, I am a professional in the field of law and administration of Internet services. I have united a group of specialists dealing with the protection of brands, trademarks, content and products on the Internet so that your business can be reliably protected on the Internet. We perfectly know the specifics of the Russian Internet, we are able to solve problems with the illegal use of trademarks, domains and content efficiently and quickly.
We offer only the best solutions for brand protection in Russia.

The offer of the company «Proright» for Intellectual property protection on the internet.

«Proright» services include protection of brand’s reputation, investments in marketing activities and intellectual property protection from a wide range of offences:
● Distribution of counterfeit goods;
● Distribution of goods that were; provided by unauthorized importers;
● Illegal use of trademarks on the Internet;
● Violations in domain registrar and phishing.

DMCA in Russia

We will help to implement DMCA protection in Russia. We are professionally engaged in protecting the interests of business from the illegal use of brands in the Internet. Our technology is faster and more efficient than the standard permission (letters) about the right to trademark rights. We will find and eliminate the illegal use of the trademark.

Domains in Russia

In Russia, there are three main domains in the zone. RU, .РФ and .SU. More than five million domains are registered in the most popular .RU zone. Many domains are registered and used without the consent of the rightholders of trademarks. We professionally interact with domain administrators, registrars, their partners and national focal points for the effective resolution of domain disputes.
Protection of the trademark on the Russian market.
DMCA in Russia.
Delete sites.
Deleting content.
Trademark protection from use in .RU / .РФ domains
The resolution of domain disputes.
Additional services:
Opening of a software development branch in Russia. The service includes people search, office search, administration and setting up an office.
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