Brand protection

Protect your brand. Delete the pirated site.

Proright is a solution for the rapid protection of trademarks and brands on the Internet.

We will help to quickly block the site with illegal content on the territory of Russia.


  • Monitoring or application of the copyright holder.
    We use several algorithms and information retrieval systems and constantly improve technology. Our service uses productive equipment and uses a computer vision system that identifies a trademark or brand in virtually any content. Content monitoring technologies on the Internet can help not only to protect the brand, but also to all who use them to compare trading partners, dealers and suppliers, which creates additional strategic advantages for the development of trade brands.

  • Removing sites, content, links, groups on social networks, removing ads from trading platforms.
    Attackers very often use well-known brands and trademarks on the Internet. Sites with replicas and fakes are issued for original online stores, which harm the rightholders and bona fide producers. Counterfeits made in China can harm the health of the consumer and bring reputational and financial damage to the brand owner. With a large number of illegal goods, consumer demand and confidence in the brand are declining. For the protection of trademarks, most often the rightholders choose judicial protection, hiring expensive lawyers, which is ineffective for the protection of rights in the Russian segment of the Internet.

We believe that the most effective for protecting the brand is the removal of illegal or undesirable information.
Classical legal protection can be not just not effective, but unprofitable for brand owners. The use of classical schemes of protection of rights, from lawyer requests to court decisions, time and sometimes brings negative results, in the form of a working site of the attacker after the court decision in favor of the right holder.

You mission: to protect your brand, quickly, reliably and effectively.

For this we use only legal and effective means. We will not determine the best way for you to protect the brand or if you want we will block the site with illegal content. If you are interested in a more effective solution to your problems, you can trust us.

Our advantages:

  • Blocking of sites at the level of providers and telecom operators;
  • We cooperate on blocking sites with leading hosting providers and domain name registrars in Russia;
  • We will save your expenses on courts and lawyers. And also the time spent on lawyer requests;
  • The average time to block an intruder site is one week! In others it takes months and years.