Internet Monitoring Department for Brand Protection

IMD Proright

The department of Internet monitoring monitors the Russian segment of the Internet for violations of rights, illegal use of trademarks, counterfeit goods and illegal sale of goods through online stores in Russia.
As a result of monitoring, the site or content is deleted by the Proright system.
To protect the brand and products in the Intranet, a specialized Proright service was created. On-line, any rightholder can find a violation of the rights to the brand on sites, domains and subdomains in Russian. Our company provides services for enhanced monitoring of violations in Russia and the territory of the former USSR. After detecting violations, we can block the site, remove content or protect the brand through the court or the police.

The Proright Program is designed specifically to complement the global anti-counterfeiting program. It is a high quality, low cost, adaptable service that can be used separately or combined with other Proright operational services, to address the rise of online counterfeit purchases, any other online infringements, and detect criminal networks.

Internet brand protection