Compliance Services

Compliance is an internal control system that allows you to manage compliance risks:

  • prosecution of the company;
  • bringing to responsibility of top-managers of the company;
  • prevention of fraud in the company.

Compliance is based on systemic preliminary monitoring of events that may lead to non-compliance with established requirements and obligations. In view of the significance of the risks of bringing to justice, it is necessary to use the methodology of building a compliance system, internal control and risk management system, well developed by international practices. This will allow to control all the elements necessary for sustainable and stable development.
In Russia, the term appeared with the arrival of large foreign companies on the market, where this function is an integral part of the activity. Its main goal is to minimize legal and reputational risks arising from violation of professional and ethical standards. In a broad sense, the term means the risk of applying legal sanctions or regulatory sanctions, significant financial loss or loss of reputation as a result of non-compliance with laws, regulations, standards of self-regulating organizations or codes of conduct relating to market participants.
The company PRORIGHT services on the territory of Russia. We have the opportunity to deploy as a whole independent compliance department, and take on the work with the risks of companies and services that carry out their activities in Russia.